Positive Pair Distillation Considered Harmful: Continual Meta Metric Learning for Lifelong Object Re-Identification

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Kai WangChenshen WuAndy BagdanovXialei LiuShiqi YangShangling JuiJoost van de Weijer

Lifelong object re-identification incrementally learns from a stream of re-identification tasks. The objective is to learn a representation that can be applied to all tasks and that generalizes to previously unseen re-identification tasks. The main challenge is that at inference time the representation must generalize to previously unseen identities. To address this problem, we apply continual meta metric learning to lifelong object re-identification. To prevent forgetting of previous tasks, we use knowledge distillation and explore the roles of positive and negative pairs. Based on our observation that the distillation and metric losses are antagonistic, we propose to remove positive pairs from distillation to robustify model updates. Our method, called Distillation without Positive Pairs (DwoPP), is evaluated on extensive intra-domain experiments on person and vehicle re-identification datasets, as well as inter-domain experiments on the LReID benchmark. Our experiments demonstrate that DwoPP significantly outperforms the state-of-the-art. The code is here: this https URL.