The Learning and Perception Team

The Learning and Machine Perception (LAMP) team at the Computer Vision Center conducts fundamental research and technology transfer in the field of machine learning for the semantic understanding of data. The group works with a wide variety of visual data sources, including visual, language and multi-modal data. The group is dedicated to advancing generative AI, with a focus on two primary research areas: (i) Continual Learning — also known as lifelong or incremental learning, this area develops algorithms that can accumulate knowledge from a sequence of tasks over time, (ii) Image Generative Models — We specialize in diffusion models, which, guided by text prompts, can generate high-quality, realistic images.

LAMP is a cutting-edge research laboratory specializing in computer vision, comprising a team of esteemed PhD researchers and dedicated PhD students. The lab focuses on advancing the fields of Continual Learning and Generative AI, leveraging the expertise of its members to push the boundaries of artificial intelligence. Through innovative research and collaborative efforts, LAMP is at the forefront of developing groundbreaking solutions and contributing significantly to the evolution of computer vision technologies. Our work not only addresses the challenges in these domains but also aims to create practical applications that can be utilized across various industries, ensuring a broad impact on both academic and real-world scenarios.